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Utah's 250-family, HOA-free, off-grid, homesteading community!

We have no interest in setting up an HOA.  Those were invented to preserve property values; our goal is to preserve lives and lifestyles, not property values.  This is an agricultural co-op, so the goal is to produce food in abundance; the requirements of a barn or shop, a greenhouse and a garden come with the territory.

typical HOA rules:

  • Architectural controls  - We recommend passive solar homes because there's no power grid.

  • Lawn and holiday decoration restrictions - None

  • Home maintenance standards - none

  • Noise complaint policies - none

  • Home occupancy limits - the County says single-family residences only.

  • Parking rules and guidelines - none

  • Pet size and quantity limits - none

  • Short-term rental restrictions - none

  • Trash and recycling rules  - none.


We don't have any of the top 9 most-common HOA restrictions.  So, if it doesn't walk, talk, or quack like a duck, is it a duck?

What if you could...

  • Have a safe place to raise your kids where they could learn to work & appreciate Nature?

  • What if you could escape your dependency on cities for all your life-sustaining needs?

  • What if you could grow lots of nutritious, pesticide-free food and drink chemical-free water?

The Riverbed Ranch organic farming community offers all of these, and much more!​


Utah's first & only Organic Agricultural Community

 The Scelso Family's 2021 Garden at Riverbed Ranch 

Our Backstory

This 53-minute video gives the backstory for Riverbed Ranch, as well as introduces the Academy of Self-Reliance, our educational non-profit partner.

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Watch Part 2

The next video goes into greater detail on the cooperative.

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