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Live Zoom sessions about Operation Self-Reliance

This is a low-key, live, Zoom presentation and Q&A
about Operation Self-Reliance and the creation
of OSR homesteading communities.

Hear about:

• OSR's founder, Philip Gleason, describe the traumatic event as a young father that focused his life on self-reliance.

• His brainchild, the Academy of Self-Reliance and how it helps families design their own off-grid garden-farms,

• Riverbed Ranch modern homesteading community.

• Coslor Cove, Arizona, off-grid community.


YOU MUST REGISTER ON ZOOM to join the call.

NOTE: You don't have to have a webcam to participate.
   And you'll be able to type in your questions if you don't have a microphone.

Preparation for the Event:

If you haven't watched our first intro video, please do so here:

Other than that! Come as you are! 

If you have a spouse, invite them too!

Off-the-Grid Tours of Riverbed Ranch


(unless you like wasting your time driving around and getting lost)

Riverbed Ranch founder, Philip Gleason, gives tours of the Utah OSR Land Co-op's 1,245-acre Riverbed Ranch property, where we are building a 250-family self-reliance community and where many of our 130+ members are already constructing wells, homes, and barns!

• Guided tour starts at about 11am.

• Bring a sack lunch (and snacks & quite activities, if you're bringing children).

• Drinking water, restroom and limited cell service available.

• Plan for 2 hours each way if coming from Utah County.

• Unless you have new tires, we'd recommend you only drive 35mph on the gravel roads. Probably be wise to make sure your spare tire is good, and you have a jack and lug wrench. AND, I'd pick up one of those $9 flat repair kits at AutoZone -- just in case!


IMPORTANT: RSVP by registering for a free ticket so we know with whom to coordinate a caravan and/or carpool. First-timers would be wise to do so -- you CAN get lost.

• If you live in American Fork or further North, meet each other at the Walmart in Saratoga Springs at 8:45am, in the Southwest corner of the parking lot. Put a sheet of paper with "OSR" printed large & bold in your front dash so you can recognize each other. Then whoever has google maps can take the lead, but don't go over 35mph on the rock roads unless everyone has off-road tires.

• If you live South of American Fork, meet at 8:40 at the Southwest corner of the Maceys parking lot in Santaquin. Jesse will be there in his red crossover.

• If you're relying on Google maps on your phone (and not GPS in your car), be sure not to browse away from Google maps, you may not be able to get back to the directions).

• Please register. If you don't, the tour coordinator (Jesse) will be tempted to stay home and clean out his garage.

If coming from Northern Utah County or points north of that:

Use Google or Apple Maps and search for “Utah OSR”. if you don't have extra-strength tires, you might consider going to Dugway first, it's paved all the way there. Takes a little longer, but it's a much better road. Then turn directly South just past the LDS Church. That road will take you to the Pony Express Trail road where you turn right/West. 17.3 miles later, you'll turn left/South as you approach the hill in the picture below.

After turning, go 7 miles to our 12' tall green gate on the left. The gate will look locked (to keep cows out), but move the chain and push the gate open to go through to the green Welcome Center. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for wild horses along the way!

If coming via Southern Utah County:

  • Before leaving home, use Google maps to search for “Utah OSR Land Co-op”, click the map, and then "Directions", type in your town, and follow the directions. Unless you're an Adrenalin junky, best to slow down on the curves. Oh, and watch out for sheep, cattle, and antelope.

  • As you approach the south end of Keg Mountain, you will want to turn North/right off the main road (where it looks like there's a small gravel pit on the left) and, in about 10 or 11 miles, arrive at the south end of Riverbed Ranch. (NOTE: If you follow Google maps, it will have you turn North sooner and shave off 5 or 10 minutes, but the road is much rougher, so you may want to keep going and let Google direct you to the next turn.)

  • Once you start seeing lots of home and barns, keep following the main road around the fence to the left until you see our 12' high gate towards the North end of Riverbed Ranch. Pass through and park in front of the green Welcome Center and come inside!

  • Seriously, watch out for sheep, cattle, and antelope. Also, in the late Fall, avoid the axle-cracking sand pits (they are lighter in color than the surrounding road).

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